Born and bred in the fruitful valleys of Venda, Limpopo, Viavi is the first and only truly South African avocado to date. Viavi is selected by hand for perfect maturity and optimum quality only once fruit has been ripened. The word Viavi is deducted from the Tshivenda word  for a Chameleon, Lua'Viavi, as the skin of the fruit transitions  from green to purple black as it matures in the ripening process.


after slicing

Viavi outlasts other avocados in maintaining its wonderful yellow and green appearance after slicing, without the use of any additives like lemon juice. Perfect for a fresh salad. 


waste levels

With ripening efficiency as high as 98%, Viavi also has less impact on the environment and has a significant effect on lowering food wastage during the ripening process, unmatched by any avocado cultivar. 


is ripe

The skin of the fruit transitions from green to purple black as it matures in the ripening process. Store in a house fridge or at 6 degrees celsius once fruit turns black.



10 Days + after ripening!

Viavi boasts an industry-leading seed to flesh ratio. With as low as 6% of total fruit, no rich creamy flesh is lost to pure consumer indulgence. 

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of the crop

Viavi is selected by hand for perfect maturity, consistency and optimum quality from only avocados that meet the strictest protocols.